Famous Vodka

Famous Handcrafted Vodka

Handcrafted Famous Vodka is an All-American product made in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Lovingly produced in small batches, the key ingredients in our vodka are:

  • World famous Idaho Russet potatoes
  • The world’s best water. Our water is drawn from the spring-fed Snake River that has traversed miles through natural filtrating lava rock.

Our four-column distillation process is superior to the pot distillation used in many vodka brands. It is distilled, and then charcoal filtered. The result is GLUTEN FREE vodka that is remarkably void of impurities and incomparably smooth to the palette.

Our Rose Vodka is faintly infused with rose extract creating a subtle and exotic flavor. It is distinctly different from other flavored vodkas where the flavoring overpowers the natural taste and smoothness of the vodka.

Our Famous Vodka brand is based in California and is created for the enjoyment of adults who appreciate an ultra-premium vodka.